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Visit City Hall if you can. Avondale Estates City Hall is located in the second building on the left when going east on Covington Highway from Clarendon Road.

Avondale Estates is online at The website contains city documents, reports, contact information, celebrations and special events. There is much to discover at City Hall about your home, Avondale Estates. Take the time to visit City Hall someday soon.

Recycling: Are you a recycling fanatic? You will need a recycling bin, only one per address. You can get one at City Hall. Call City Hall at to get a list of recyclables.

Car Registration: Register your car with Avondale Estates. Once registered you will get one of those cute round stickers for the city to place on your vehicle. Registering your car lets the police know that your car belongs here. You will hear unsubstantiated stories about the benefits of having the registration. It doesnít hurt and itís great for community identity.

Security Checks: Security Checks are now available through Avondale Estates police. Security Checks let the police know to keep an extra eye on your place when you leave town. They actually get out of the car and check all sides of the unit. Forms must be completed and turned into the police department at City Hall. Forms are available at City Hall and on the city website at