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The first level of contact should always be through the green mailbox in front of the pool house. Leave a note for the officer and we'll make sure they see it. Only call in case of an emergency. In an effort to respect privacy, consult the Condo Phone directory for the names and phone numbers of the following officers.


Marcus Riley, President: Conducts the monthly and quarterly meetings of the Association, interfaces with legal counsel when necessary, and appoints committee chairs and members. You may send an email at: [email protected].

Terrence Russell, First Vice President: Serves as President when the President is absent. Helps carry out the functions of president as assigned. You may send an email at: [email protected] The 1st Vice President takes care of Accounts Receivables.

Brian Ward, Second Vice President: Responds to inquiries from Real Estate agents and others involved in purchases or sales of Condominium units. You may send an email at: [email protected]

Kris Holbrook, Secretary: Takes notes at all meetings for the official minutes and summarizes them for inclusion in the newsletter, prepares notices of meetings with ballots and proxies. You may send an email at: [email protected]

Arthur J. Oriel, Treasurer: Prepares and analyzes the annual budget, works with the Associationís Accountants on all financial matters, and is responsible for paying the Associationís bills. You may send an email at: [email protected]

COMMITTEE CHAIRS - volunteers are needed

Architecture: Approves or disapproves exterior improvements requested by condo owners. All exterior improvements must be pre-approved. If not, you may have to pay more to restore the property. Email the committee at: [email protected]

Covenants: Contacts residents when they are in violation of the Declaration, By-Laws, or Covenants giving them an opportunity to remedy the infraction. Email them at: [email protected]

Landscaping: Responsible for maintaining the aesthetics of our landscape. Overseas the activities of the professional landscaping companies. Email at: [email protected]

Maintenance: Coordinates with various contractors to handle repairs to common and shared properties and capital improvement projects. Email at: [email protected]

Newcomers/Hospitality: Greets new residents, gives them copies of Phone Directories, the Declaration, By- Laws, Covenants & Guidelines. Email at: [email protected]

Social Chairman: Organizes several parties including the 4th of July and the Holiday Dinner.

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