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Newcomer Welcome - Welcome to our Condominium. The Newcomer Welcome document will provide you much of the information all residents need to be aware of for day to day living. It is suggested that you download and print it for your reference.

Newcomer Welcome

Emergency Contact Info - We request that all residents and owners complete an AECA Emergency Contact Form and return it to the green mailbox by the pool. This information is used in case of emergency (fire, flooding, etc.) to get hold of you to help protect your property, and to provide vehicle decals and pool/tennis court fobs.

AECA Emergency Contact Form    

Leasing Program Reporting - All homeowners of the Avondale Estates Condominium (AECA) are responsible for reporting the occupancy of each their unit(s). The AECA needs the information to know whom to contact concerning any events that happen that could present harm to your property, such as water pipe breakage or a fallen tree. We need to know what properties are rented to report accurately to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) the percent of rentals within the property to qualify for new buyers. We ask for copies of the leases and sign-offs by renters to know that renters have received the Declaration and By-laws which all homeowners have received and are aware of the policies under which the Condo operates. Landlords are required to pay $185 per year to administer this program. This does not require the homeowner to lease/rent their property through Heritage Property.

Leasing Program Mailout Documents

Map of the Condominium - This map shows the building numbers and the heart trail that runs through the Condos.

Declaration and Bylaws - These are the documents from which the Condominium is established. All residents are required to abide by these documents. Renters are to be informed of these documents and provided copies of them. Two amendments have been made to the original Declaration of Condominium. Amendment 1 lowered the threshhold for passing an amendment from 75% of the owners to 2/3 of the owners. Amendment 2 brings the clauses concerning insurance up to current standards and costs, the deductable is increased from $1,000 to $2,500.

These files are in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

AECA Code of Conduct for Directors & Committee Members

Declaration of Condominium By-Laws of the Association
Amendment 1 Amendment 2
Motor Vehicle Amendment to Declarations   Motor Vehicle Amendment to By-Laws 

Proof of Insurance - The Condominium is responsible for carrying insurance for replacement value of the actual structure and original basic appliances without any improvements made by the owners. Additional insurance is carried for support of the Board of Directors and the related activities. Condominium owners are required to carry insurance or pay for any any deductables, improvements and personal property related to the Condo.

General Liability 2018-2019

Master Poperty Policy 2019-2020

Update Concerning Insurance Liability - AECA Board (March 6, 2016)

Condominium homeowners in need of insurance verification should contact:

       Angie Cooper
1720 Lakes Parkway
Lawrenceville GA  300943
678-812-6589 Direct
770-497-1200 Main Agency
[email protected] E-mail

Architectural Standards - This document sets forth the limits in which residents are allowed to make changes in the structure and look of their unit. Please review this document prior to making any outside changes to your unit. Without proper approval, you might have to take out your work.

Architectural Standards 2019 

Guidelines for Security Lights and Cameras

Satellte Dish Instalation Guidelines

Gardening Guidelines - a supplemental set of guidelines setting forth the limits in which residents are allowed to garden within the Condominium.

Gardening Guidelines

Original Floor Plans

Forum Classic
Essex Classic II

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