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The Condominium is incorporated as the Avondale Estates Condominium Association (AECA). The owner(s) of each unit are members. Each unit gets one vote. The Association elects a Board of Directors which manages the Condominium. The Association meets at least twice a year to receive reports from the Board and the operations of the Condos.

The Board of Directors meets at least quarterly and in special meetings as needed to make the decisions necessary to keep the place in great condition. More details on this can be found in the Declaration of Condominium and the By-laws of the Association. Please note that the monthly meeting date for working meetings has been moved to the second Monday of each month. All meeting times are now at 7:00. The Holiday Party is separate from all other meetings.

Residents are invited to attend all the meetings. Directions to Avondale Estates City Hall or Avondale Estates Community Club.

 2019 Meetings

Wednesday, September 11 - 7:00PM
AECA Board Meeting
Avondale Estates City Hall

Wednesday, October 9 - 7:00PM
AECA Board Meeting
Avondale Estates City Hall

Tuesday, November 12 - 7:00PM
AECA Town Hall (Budget presentation)
Avondale Estates Community Club (Lake House) 

Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00PM
AECA Board Meeting
Avondale Estates City Hall

Friday, December 13 at 6:30 (dinner starts @ 7:30pm)
Annual Association Holiday Party
at the Avondale Estates Community Club


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