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The following is a condensed list of the Use Restrictions set forth in the Declaration of Condominium and By-Laws. All owners/residents/renters are required to be familiar with the Use Restrictions and adhere to them. Some Use Restrictions in the Declaration have been modified due to changes in the law. Please check with a Board member if you have any questions.


  • No more than two (2) pets per unit.
  • Dogs must be walked on a leash. All pet droppings must be removed by owner.
  • No pet enclosures may be erected, animals shall not be bred.
  • No pet may create a nuisance for other residents.


  • Only passenger vehicles are permitted. The following vehicles are not allowed over-night on the common area
    • Motorcycles,
    • Boats,
    • Trailers,
    • Campers,
    • RVís.
    -- Please consult the Declarations and Bylaws for complete vehicle and parking information.

Window Coverings:

All curtains, drapery materials, window shades, or other window treatments visible from the exterior of a unit shall be white or off-white in color and shall not be of a reflective material.

Gardening: Limited gardening is permitted within the Gardening Guidelines.


  • All trash and garbage must be placed in sealed plastic bags and disposed of in the trash receptacles.
  • Trash cans are the responsibility of the unit owner and must be maintained in good working order.

Construction and Remodeling:

  • All enclosures and other outside changes must be approved by the Architecture Committee before work begins.
  • Units may not be subdivided.
  • Temporary structures or buildings may not be erected.
  • No fences, hedges or walls shall be erected.
  • No work shall be done which will impair the structural soundness of another unit.
  • External TV or radio antennas may not be erected. Satellite dishes are permitted in limited common areas, check for the guidelines before getting one installed.


No more than two permanent residents per bedroom. Anyone who resides at the Condominium for more than four (4) consecutive weeks or for more than eight (8) weeks in any calendar year shall be deemed a permanent resident.

Birdfeeders: No birdfeeders are allowed.


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